Happy Songkran 2k16!

Finally back to blogging, yay! I don't really sure what I was busy of but to be true, I've been doing lots of projects and they...

Finally back to blogging, yay! I don't really sure what I was busy of but to be true, I've been doing lots of projects and they gave me stress, so I need some time away from laptop, that's why I've been idle from the blog for such a long time. And, um, finally I have a story to write on the blog! So I'd like to share my experience for "not able to stay dry" when you're walking on the road in Thailand area during the Songkran Festival.

It was my first time -- second for my parents because they have been here on the same period of time once -- feeling the sensation of being splashed by cold water and walking around really wet all day long. I was having lots of fun and to be honest, I have planned for my next year trip to Songkran Festival again :D ! This is how it begins: my mom planned a really sudden trip to Hat Yai for Songkran Festival, it was really sudden like, three days before the flight, and so after everyone agrees, mom finally bought the boarding ticket and on the D-Day, we took the plane to Penang. Well, shit happens on the airport. Our flight was delayed for about two and a half hours. Ugh! We arrived Penang in the evening on about 7 and took a bus to the Komtar Bus Station and walked for around thirty mins to our hotel. It was a tough and tiring journey because we only got to sleep for 3 hours because we got to took the morning bus to Hat Yai again on the next day.

The tree was the first view I saw when I entered Hat Yai and I was interested with it so I captured it! And after getting through the immigration, we took a van to our Hotel. We stayed at Lee Garden Plaza Hotel during our 3 days and 2 nights in Hat Yai. In front of the hotel was where the DJ Party was held so it was easier for us to go back to hotel late at night.

So after we checked in and left our luggage in the hotel, we get changed and went out, with the purpose we want to go to the market for lunch but then, right after we stepped out of the hotel, we were already wet by water guns. Finally we decided to buy water guns for ourselves and the water war started. We were splashed, were shotted with cold waters. No one could ever stay dry during this season. Even when you were on the Tuk Tuk -- the name of traditional transportation in Thailand -- you will still be splashed.

And the DJ Party, it was held maybe from the afternoon and lasted all the night. It was real fun! And of course, while being splashed, and you yourself splashing others, you can also dance to the rhythm.
Seriously gotta go back next year. And anyway, sorry for the really late post. I know it has been like one month or more but I was definitely so busy that I couldn't manage to post this. x, Cinthy!