Bello! My name's Cinthy Kwok, a 97's liner introverted Asian girl with monolid eyes, freckles and dimples in the lower edge of mouth. Born and raised in Indonesia. I'm a girl who loves taking challenges, adventurous and someone who doesn't always follow the rules. I found myself enjoy doing the things I could never imagine I'd do before, like photography, film making, and writing blogs!

A bit about my personal blog.

This is a blog created back then in 2012 with the purpose of spare-time filling during long holidays. To be exact, this blog is not the first blog of mine, which means I have another blog before this. I started blogging around late 2010 to mid 2011, inspired by one of my foreigner friends which I knew through Facebook. Taught by her, I started a blog, using free blog templates which were cute around those time, and ended up messing the codes since I knew nothing about HTML/CSS coding before. And in the blog before, I used to share useless stuffs such as Korean idols biography and profiles, or my favorite songs lyrics, and some other photos which can be easily found in a single click on google. Everything were just so messed up. After that mess, I finally decided to run a new blog with just simple design and a blog which in the future I wish to be a blog that can inspire anyone just like how I used to be inspired. 
This blog will be a space where I share about my outfit choices, the places I travel to, and somehow my online diary. Each day I'm trying to expand this blog, sharing good things and good experiences, and I wish that through this blog, I can get to know a lot more people that I didn't even know that existed.

Feel free to hit me up at whether just for saying hi / business inquiries / collaborations / project rates and availability. I'll be glad to hear from you!

x, Cinthy.