A Summer In Sabang : Day 1

Last June on 19, 20 and 21, my family with two other families of my mom's friends which is the total of 13 people, were goi...

Last June on 19, 20 and 21, my family with two other families of my mom's friends which is the total of 13 people, were going to Sabang to spend a holiday there. Well, we were super excited when we've gathered at the KNO. Especially me, I even skipped the Networking class for this holiday. We took the plane from Medan to Sabang at around 11 a.m., and then we arrived Sabang when it was almost the lunch time. When we took our step down from the airplane to the airport bus, which the airport bus drove us to the airport without us having to walk, well, it's kind of disappointing, I mean the airport but the weather back then was just so nice. The sunlight, and the heat was just a typical summer where you think "Yay! I'm finally coming for you beach" But then, everything started to disappointing me that day.

That day, just the first day we arrived there, for me, everything has become a mess. Well how can it not become a mess? First, we went to Sabang which is located in Aceh on fasting month. That sounds great to everyone. Some of my friends told me that I was crazy for going there on fasting month. They were right. No one sold or even opened their restaurant at the noon. All the restaurants there will just opened after it was the time for the fasting people to finally eat. Ohmy this was the first thing that was driving me crazy. And the second thing was, our holiday were just too short that they (read: the other two families) were not going to stay at the beach. They were going to travel the whole Sabang and not wasting their three days time staying at the beach. Oh gosh! I was seriously tired that time, and as I'm younger that them, I couldn't say anything. So with wearing t-shirts and long pants, we rent a bus to travel Sabang. It was terribly hot that day and all of us were wearing long pants because from what we heard, Sabang and Aceh wouldn't allow anyone to wear anything short except they're at the beach.

And so, the bus driver just drove us to every beach with different sands color. We took photos, and then went back to the bus, and the driver would drove us to another beach again. On the first day, we went to around 3 to 4 different beaches with of course, different views. So here are the photos of my first day trip.

After we travel around the Sabang, we went back to the Casa Nemo Resort, near the Sumur Tiga Beach, Weh Island. And after we got into each of our bungalows (read: cottage) and changed into the another clothes, we directly ran downstairs to the beach. It was the second time in my life seeing such a blue sea, and it was so nice to ran and play around the beach. We also managed to took a lot of photos on the beach but then we didn't manage to shoot the golden time :( Here are some photos of the Sumur Tiga Beach.

Okay so that is all about my first day trip in Sabang. Stay tune on the second day trip story! x, Cinthy.