Malaysia Getaway

Have been idle for so long again, and now I'm back! Went to KL, Malaysia for a study tour gifted from campus for 5days and 4nights l...

Have been idle for so long again, and now I'm back! Went to KL, Malaysia for a study tour gifted from campus for 5days and 4nights long. I must admit that it was a really fun trip but seriously if I had to rate, I'll just give it 5 out of 10 because some unexpected things happened.

The flight was scheduled to be on 7 something a.m. and according to the check-in rules, we need to arrive 2 hours earlier before the flight, and then we ended up arriving in college at 3 a.m. which made me having not enough sleep, but still I felt so enthusiastic since it was my very first trip abroad with friends.

On the first day, we met the tour guide who will accompany us for our 5days in Malaysia. We headed to Putrajaya bridge and a mosque which I forgot what the name is, and then continue to have our lunch at Tai Thong Seafood Restaurant which is located inside the Putrajaya Botanical Garden. After that, we went to Petaling Jaya, Sunway Pyramid Mall for shopping but there's limited time given which is 2 hours only and the rest of our time finally spent by walking around the China Town in Petaling St. right before we checked in into our hotel at Alpha Genesis, which is located near to Alor St. in Bukit Bintang.

Moving on to the second day, after having breakfast at out hotel, we were taken to somewhere to take group photos near the scenery of Twin Towers. And so on, we continued to so many places but me and my friend ended up sleeping on the bus because we were too tired and couldn't seem to continue any longer. The places I know which we went to were only the chocolate shop, Istana Negara, and then Batu Caves. After those tiring trips, we finally went to shopping again at MidValley Mall, and this time we got more hours to spent rather than the one on the day before but we have to pay for our own dinner.

And it was the third day and nothing really special happened. All I did was only shopping, shopping and shopping because that is the common thing most woman will do when they have free time and money in the pocket, am I right? ;) 

So here comes the fourth day story. We took a bus on a 2 hours journey from KL to Ipoh. After arriving at Ipoh, we went to The Lost World of Tambun, Sunway City (it was the second time for me, and nothing changed at all). After playing all day inside, we finally headed to our hotel, Ibis Styles Ipoh. The rooms in this hotel is much better than the one we stay at back then in KL. And in the next morning, after having our breakfast, we arrange our luggage, went to KL airport and took a flight back to Medan.