Oversized Sweater

Photographed by Melisa Kwok, Edited by Cinthy Kwok. Wearing: H&M Coral cap / H&M Sweatshirt with satin ribbons / Unbranded whit...

Photographed by Melisa Kwok, Edited by Cinthy Kwok. Wearing: H&M Coral cap / H&M Sweatshirt with satin ribbons / Unbranded white pleated skirt / Nike Semiboots / Vincci coral backpack

It's the season of cold weather, where the rain falls almost every day and dark clouds surrounds the whole city. While I am the kind of moody person who dresses according to my mood, this time I was putting on a real street wear style. The oversized kind of thing, cap, and skirt to make me look a little bit girly than usual. So, take a look on the photos below, and keep scrolling down. Cause I'll also share some of my recent activities.

I have always loved oversized shirts and sweaters and the first time I saw this sweater, I swear I fell in love looking at the color, and the cute ribbon on the back. I was just hesitating the night before this shoot, about whether I should match the sweater with denim, or skirt. And when the next day came, I just randomly chose skirt to pair it with since I was in the mood to wear skirt. And of course, I'd like to share a bit about my recent activities. I've been so busy (again and again) with works, both on weekdays and weekends. Yep, I was like no time to relax even on weekends. Well, I must be lying if said so because I still manage to spent time with my boyfriend on weekends, yes but it was only for 3-5hours in a week. I have a lot of projects awaiting to be done, such as my university final year project, and another freelance e-book design project. I wish I had 8 hands to do those task at the same time. And here's some words about what's coming next, I'll be sharing a review of make-up cleanser products and perhaps some videos. Have a great day, and see you! x, Cinthy.


  1. I love this oversized sweater and the lace up detail! Nice look!


  2. I am absolutely in love with this sweater!!

  3. great look!

    xoxo ally
    [ allyshiny.blogspot.de ]

  4. OMG girl that oversized sweater with lace up detail looks so dope on you! I am loving the minimal, effortless styling here! Have a great weekend, love <3
    BTW I am really loving your style, so following you. Would really love it if you can check my blog and follow me too :)

  5. ok I love that sweater! soooo cute!
    Elise | www.elisebythepiece.com

  6. I love that outfit and that skirt is so lovely.

    xo | Cindy Elena

  7. That's one lovely sweater you got there dear. I love oversized sweaters, coats, and jackets. Apart from being stylish and comfy, they really can keep you warm.

    Jessica | notjessfashion.com