The Way, Way Back

This is a journey from being an introvert girl to a bold lady. When I was a kid, I was asked what would I want to be in life, and I...

This is a journey from being an introvert girl to a bold lady.

When I was a kid, I was asked what would I want to be in life, and I said I want to be a Fashion Designer. I love drawing illustrations of dresses and clothing back then. But this hobby stopped right after I went to Junior High School. I didn't become a fashion designer. I was always in the top 3 rank in the class, at least until Junior High School, I was always the best. The subjects I love the most while I was in Junior High School are Biology and Chemistry. I've never been good in Math like seriously, since Junior High School. And then I was inspired by my Biology teacher, and decided to be a Doctor.

When I was in Senior High School, I still love Biology but no more Chemistry. Then I found out that I enjoyed learning English and Photoshop, and that to be a Doctor, you will need to master both Biology and Chemistry. I stopped dreaming of becoming a Doctor because of my bad grades in Chemistry subject, and because of my fear of seeing blood.

When I was graduating from Senior High School and going to register myself for University, I was hesitating about what to do in life.
Then again I found myself enjoyed blogging, sharing the story of my life hoping to inspire people, and I wanted to make a better blog interface by myself.
I decided to be a Web Programmer.
I went into University, with the dream of being a Web Programmer, I chose the Information Technology Major.
It was all about logical thinking and program coding. To be honest, programming stressed me out and didn't really suits me.

In my first year, I joined this Campus Organization called BEM, and I was in charge of the documentation and design.
I learnt to come out of my comfort zone and do stuffs that people didn't expect me to do. I realized that I am better at many things which I had never tried before, such as photography and graphic design. I learnt how to deal with the pressure of being part of a larger crowd and strive to work towards carving your own niche. I realized that despite what fears we have, no one cares if we are suck at something, but if we are good enough, everyone appreciate the talent.

In my second year, my friends from the same class with me suddenly transferred to another University and left me alone. Yes, I was and still am the only IT major student from the Intake 2014 in my University (you may call me a solo warrior). I improved my graphic design skills, and I also learnt dealing with the loneliness. I met this amazing guy, who ended up to be my boyfriend now and also my best friend.

In my third year, I found out about scholarship in University and I regretted that I was too late to join the scholarship. I learnt not to breakdown under constant pressure from every direction. I learnt how to keep up grades and along with non-curricular learning to achieve personal goals. And I learnt that not everything will result as how you expect what it would be.

An introvert girl in first year turned into a highly confident all rounder (I am still introvert around new people I just meet, but no one believes that), from a pampered kid to a self-dependent student, and from just a face in the crowd, well, into a brighter face in the crowd. The only thing that keeps on wandering around my head is that I had the chance to help my parents with the University scholarship but I didn't. If only I knew earlier, I should have be able to minimize my parent's burden.

I am now still in my third year, on my last semester, I'm going to do the final year project and graduate soon. The skill I have been improving since my second year, is currently what I do for my daily life, and I'm loving it. Well, nothing is better than doing the job you love, isn't it?

x, Cinthy.


  1. Loved reading this :) I too was determined to be a doctor - majored in Neuroscience in college, but now I've switched to web development and programming! I think everyone changes along the way. Thanks for sharing!

    Catherine X

    1. Oh! But why? I think it's so hard to get into Doctor majors, isn't it? Thank you for paying a visit, Catherine! x

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