Wandering Around George Town, Penang Island

It was a sudden escape, really. On 22nd Dec evening, my mom suddenly asked me to just check on any flights ticket to Penang. It happens...

It was a sudden escape, really. On 22nd Dec evening, my mom suddenly asked me to just check on any flights ticket to Penang. It happens that we found the cheap ticket for two way flight. Then we just bought it, looking for hotels to stay at, and we ended staying there for 3days 2nights from 24th - 26th Dec, it wasn't that bad, spending Christmas going abroad.

We arrived at Penang airport on 10pm something, and then took bus to komtar bus station, it usually takes only 1hour more but then because it was Christmas eve that night, we met traffic and then arrived at komtar 12pm, and then requested for uber taxi to our hotel. We stayed in Tido Hostel Penang for two nights. It was a cozy and clean hostel, with minimalist design, and they provide great service and friendly staffs. Tido got two types of room, which is standard room, and dorm room. Well, we stayed at the dorm one for two nights because there was no more standards available.

The next day, we went out for walk at around 10-11am, and directly went to Prangin Mall for breakfast/lunch and of course, shopping. After Prangin Mall, the closest destination is 1st Avenue Mall, went there for shopping again. And right after that, around 3pm something, we requested for uber taxi again for a ride to Gurney Drive Hawker Centre for our dinner and after dinner, we took a walk to Gurney Plaza.

We got back to hostel really late that day on Christmas day. Around 11pm something, because taxis were hard to reach and rates went up so high. Continue to our third day which was our last day in Penang, we got up early, and have breakfast and then request for uber taxi again to Penang 3D Museum. The entrance fee is RM 25.00 for each adult (Non-Malaysian). It was unexpectedly not as wow as what I expect it to be, not really 3D in my opinion. I didn't take much photo inside, just walking around, and help my family to took their photos. After 3D Museum, we continued to George Town Street Art & Wall Paintings. Well, it was a pretty sunny day, we endure it and keep walking around the neighborhood of George Town. We rent for a bicycle look-alike, but technically it wasn't a bicycle, to get around the George Town. We didn't get to have lunch, just a little bit snacking. As the day got darker, we finally took an uber drive back to Prangin Mall again, and have a taste of Subway Sandwiches. After dinner, we back to our hostel, took our luggage, and headed to airport. And here are the photos, below.

And that's all about my Christmas holiday in Penang Island. Hope yours was as amazing as mine. x, Cinthy.