Meanwhile In Cameron Highlands

Hello! Back again with me, and in this post I'm going to share a bit about the trip after Bentong, which is Cameron Highlands! Yaho...

Hello! Back again with me, and in this post I'm going to share a bit about the trip after Bentong, which is Cameron Highlands! Yahoo! Did I mention in the last post that in the morning, right from Colmar Tropicale, we took van to KL? Well yes, we did back to KL that time because that's the only route. And then when we arrived at KL, we rent some taxis, and directly headed to Cameron Highlands, forgot how much it cost. Along the trip to Cameron Highlands, to be honest, I was feeling dizzy, the moment when you feel like you're going to vomit but in the end you didn't, yes this trip kills me! But the trip itself worth it, because Cameron Highlands shows us such a beauty scenery. The greens, the flowers everywhere and the weather itself, relieves everything.

And of course, we didn't ate anything along the journey from Bentong to KL, then KL to Cameron Highlands and that cause us feeling hungry af. Right after arranging our luggages inside our room, we went for a walk, and we stopped by a chinese restaurant. The foods are extremely delicious, you could feel like you're back to home while enjoying your meals. These were some of the menus that we ordered, didn't get to snap everything tho, we were too hungry to prioritize taking photos.

And then after lunch, we went up higher again, but there's nothing exciting to be explored in Cameron Highlands. We just found some traditional markets.

Featuring the coolest dad ever, again! :D

And after wandering around and get tired, we went back to our apartment. Everyone went into the room and shower or take some rest, except for me and my dad. We went around the apartment, but of course dad was just accompanying me, maybe he afraid that I might get lost or somehow lol. Then dad sat in the apartment park, while I was running here and there, busy with taking pictures of many many flowers, haha!

And on the next day, we rent a small van to took us for a tour around Cameron Highlands. We went to several different places, like lavender farm, strawberry farm, butterfly farm, honeybee farm and tea field. There were too much photos to be taken on that day. And tbh, it was my first time visiting all these kind of places and I was too excited!

That's all the story and photos from my journey to Cameron Highlands. Hope you enjoy! x, Cinthy.

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