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Please excuse myself, for being way too busy to even write something on my blog. So about two-three weeks ago, I was offered to ...

Please excuse myself, for being way too busy to even write something on my blog. So about two-three weeks ago, I was offered to join a competition which is #TakeYourAuraPic held by Aura Frames. Well, I was real interested in joining the competition but unfortunately, I couldn't because there were too many deadlines around those weeks. But here I am, would love to share some photography tips using smartphones/mobile phone whether they're Samsung, i-Phone, Motorola, Sony, and etc.

So I am using this phone, ASUS Zenfone 2 ZE550ML and I'm actually loving the camera (not the front camera tho). Well, to be honest, this phone's camera can't be compare to i-Phones but yeah, as long as I still can't afford buying i-Phone, I will just patiently use this phone for the sake of communication thing.

So, let's get back to the mobile photography topic. Literally, I barely had any rules stick when it comes to photography, but I do care so much about the horizontal and vertical line in every photos I took. Even when my picture came out to be tilted, I would edit the picture, no matter what to make it meets my expectation. That was the only thing that I would care so much about. Another thing is, of course the angle. I am no good in explaining or teaching others about how to take the right angle, because I believe that everyone has their own taste and their own perspective in anything. But one thing I can tell, is that you shouldn't expect that you can take a picture that is DSLR-alike with a mobile camera. Using mobile camera, I recommend you to just take a close-up picture if you need to focus on one certain object. Last thing is, I never really like using flash mode while night or low-light places. But we all know, that forcing the light on dark places will result the color noise in the photo which is, not a HD picture. If you happen to meet such thing, but then you really like the photos but you don't want to upload it because it looks really low-quality, remember there's so much pictures on Tumblr that even added grain deliberately. You can edit your pictures like reduce the brightness, make it like a picture with dark mood, be creative! And once they're edited, show them off in your space using Aura's electronic photo frame to avoid losing quality through printing!

Those are all I can share for now, since I believe me, myself need to learn more about photography too. I'll be updating the blog with another outfit post in no time, so please be patient and stay with me! See ya everybody, I hope these tips are useful. x, Cinthy!

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  1. Thanks for the tips! I'm also using my phone for my pictures and the results is a bit different from iphones and DSLR, but works great still! :) Have a nice day!

    Homed: Life in Sugar & Spice

  2. I don't usually use flash on cameras too. Thanks for these tips! You got nice photography skills! :)


  3. Wow, these pictures are stunning!


  4. Lovely pictures ! Thanks for these tips !

  5. Nice tips darling!


  6. Beautiful imagery! Thanks for sharing your tips!



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